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Buying or renting a new home is a once-in-a-lifetime moment and it's always best done by a professional.

Real estate agencies and developers are two essential pillars of the real estate sector. Whatever your real estate project, whether you want to buy or rent, you will have the choice between two alternatives: use a real estate agency or turn to a real estate developer.

Before continuing, it is important to define the difference between a real estate agent and a real estate developer.

Real estate agency: the most obvious key to sell, buy or rent.

The real estate agency will allow an individual to sell, rent or buy an apartment or a house at the best price. The real estate agent's mission is to advise simultaneously or consecutively the seller and the buyer with the ultimate goal of meeting their respective and reciprocal expectations.

Are you the owner ?

Our agency will assist you in the sale of your house, your apartment and, more broadly, any virtually salable property such as a building, a parking lot, a building plot, a forest, or landed property.

We will offer you a sale price, based on an estimate based on the price of similar properties recently sold in the same geographical area and the character of the accommodation offered.

To arrive at his estimate, the real estate agent will have taken care to inquire about all the essential information beforehand: living area in square meters, potential redistribution of interior spaces, possibilities of extending or raising the property, etc.

Our second mission will be to develop a relationship of trust with the seller.

The role of the real estate agent is to accompany his clients in the sale or purchase of a property. He carries out real estate appraisals, prospecting for clients and appraising properties. He puts his skills at the service of his clients to sell or buy a home by optimizing the net selling price while being as close as possible to market prices. The real estate agent acts as an intermediary between the parties to oversee the relationship and ensure that the sale is concluded. It must also comply with certain legal obligations.

Real estate developer: new first!

The real estate developer is responsible for designing, marketing and carrying out real estate programs such as residential buildings, individual houses, offices or even commercial premises]. His mission is to find the land, submit the building permit and manage the budget. Throughout the project, he directs operations from design to delivery and marketing. He will then sell the real estate built to individuals (divided sales) or to institutions (block sales).

You will have understood: whatever your real estate project (sale, rental, purchase, etc.), trusting a professional is the best decision you can make to be sure of not taking any reckless risks and completing your project within the better arrangements.

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