Real estate asset management: what are the missions?

Real estate asset management, also called Asset Management (AM), is an activity that consists of managing the real estate portfolio of a company or an individual. It aims to maximize the return on real estate capital invested by respecting contractual and regulatory obligations.

The missions of real estate asset management are many and varied. They may include:

- The search for real estate to buy or sell

- Rental management of real estate

- Optimization of expenses

- Finance and accounting management

- Monitoring of receipts and payment

- The establishment of budgets and reports of management activities

- The implementation of prosecution procedures

- Customer support within the framework of the tertiary decree.

Within the framework of the tertiary decree, the manager of the real estate assets must carry out an energy audit, share studies with the principals and evaluate the performance of the furniture.

There are also solutions to facilitate the management of real estate assets, such as Contractchain, a contract management platform based on blockchain technology.

In short, the management of real estate assets is a complex activity that requires specialized expertise in various fields such as finance, accounting, rental management, regulations, etc. It maximizes the return on real estate capital invested while respecting legal and contractual obligations.

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