Facility Management: What are the missions?

Facility Management (FM) is an organizational function that integrates people, places, and processes within the built environment with the goal of improving business effectiveness and efficiency. The missions of FM are many and varied, ranging from the maintenance of facilities to the management of support services through planning and construction.

Facility maintenance

One of the main missions of the FM is the maintenance of the installations. This includes preventive and corrective maintenance of buildings, equipment, and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. The FM is also responsible for waste management, fire safety and building security.

Support Services Management

The FM is also responsible for managing support services such as space management, move management, records management, and office supply management. The FM is also responsible for managing catering, cleaning and security services.

Planning and building

FM is also involved in the planning and construction of new buildings and facilities. This includes space planning, design and construction of new buildings, as well as management of construction projects.

Other assignments

Other FM missions include cost and budget management, contract and supplier management, risk management and environmental sustainability management. In sum, Facility Management is a critical organizational function that contributes to the effective and efficient management of facilities and support services. FM missions are many and varied, ranging from facility maintenance, planning and construction, to managing support services and managing costs and budgets.

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