Administrative management

The trustee of co-ownership is in charge of the administrative management of the co-ownership. In particular, he must:

- Ensure compliance with the co-ownership regulations by all occupants of the building.

- Implement the decisions voted by the general meeting of co-owners.

- Organize general meetings and write the minutes.

- Maintain the list of co-owners and co-ownership lots.

- Ensure the conservation of the archives of the co-ownership.

Financial management

The co-ownership trustee is also responsible for the financial management of the co-ownership. In particular, he must:

- Realize the provisional budget of the co-ownership and submit it to the vote of the co-owners.

- Maintain the accounts of the syndicate and their annexes.

- Collect the charges from the co-owners and distribute them among them.

- Pay condominium suppliers and service providers.

- Open a separate bank account in the name of the union.

Technical management

Finally, the co-ownership trustee is responsible for the technical management of the co-ownership. In particular, he must:

- Ensure the routine maintenance of the building and its collective equipment.

- Have the necessary maintenance and repair work carried out.

- Have the building improvement works decided by the general meeting of co-owners carried out.

- Carry out the urgent work necessary for the safety of the occupants of the building.

In the event of a dispute between the co-owners or with third parties, the co-ownership trustee can play the role of mediator to try to find an amicable solution. In summary, the co-ownership trustee is a key player in the management of a co-ownership. He is responsible for representing the syndicate of co-owners and ensuring the administrative, financial and technical management of the building. Its role is essential to guarantee the proper functioning of the co-ownership and the preservation of the value of the building.



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