The role of Facility Managers is increasingly to steer the digital transformation of the infrastructures for which they are responsible.

Automation and digitalization are the future of Facility Management

Digital transformation brings automation of manual tasks related to business processes and a range of data systems to create a new environment with improved quality of service.

Digitization puts the user at the center of the game

The 3-30-300 rule can help facility managers determine the true costs of their office space and invest accordingly.

IoT and Big Data, a lever for “Facility Optimization Management”

The Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data are having a huge impact on facility management by enabling more efficient use of resources and increased productivity. IoT sensors and other devices collect real-time data on energy usage, equipment conditions, facility occupancy, maintenance needs, and more. Real-time data analytics allow managers to make informed decisions to optimize operations and improve the overall experience.

Key elements of IoT in facility management include sensors, cloud platforms, data analytics, and communication protocols.

In summary, digitizing Facility Management can help automate manual tasks, improve efficiency for facility managers and put the user at the center of the game. It can also help improve service quality and sustainability. installations. In short, digitalization is a key tool for the management of modern facilities.



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