Indeed, for several years, Facility Management must also take into account Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability. CSR is a major issue for companies seeking to have a positive impact on their environment, their community and their stakeholders.

In this context, the Facility Manager plays an essential role in the implementation of effective CSR strategies. It can, for example, optimize energy consumption, reduce CO2 emissions, promote waste recycling, improve working conditions and encourage social dialogue. Indeed, the Facility Manager is able to provide a concrete response to the company's environmental and social issues. The challenges of sustainability for Facility Management are therefore numerous, but the advantages for the company are also considerable. By integrating CSR into its strategy, the company can improve its brand image, strengthen its reputation, attract new customers and investors, retain its employees and contribute to a more sustainable future. The Facility Manager is therefore a key player in the CSR strategy and the success of the company.



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